5 Easy Tips to Help you Set Targets for Yourself

In order to be successful you need to set yourself targets.  It’s no good just going through the motions to get things done without having a target to strive for.  Having specific goals gives you something to aim for and vastly improves your chance of success in whatever you do.

Here are a few rules to follow when setting your targets:

1)  Aim high.  It’s easy to set targets you know you can achieve, but in order to become more successful than you are you need to set your sights higher, reaching further so that you are motivated and will achieve more.

2)  Be practical.  Okay, maybe this advice appears to be the exact opposite to the previous suggestion, but the problem with aiming high is that you may  fail if you constantly set targets so high that they’re unattainable.  Persistant failure means that you’ll eventually stop setting targets and settle for less.

Targets that are simply unachievable will cause you to become stressed, and high stress levels can cause insomnia and affect your general health, both physical and mental.  So be practical, aim high , but not too high.
3)  Draw up a plan.  It’s all well and good having a target to reach, but you need to plan how to get there so as not to get distracted from your objective.  Set your goal, then draw up a plan of action, and follow this through to the end.  Check the plan regularly – this will allow you to make any necessary changes to ensure that you stay on track.

4)  Discuss your goals.  It’s a good idea to discuss your goals with someone you trust, someone you can talk to openly about your aims & ambitions, someone who can give you the encouragement you might need should you hit a setback or become disheartened.

5)  Don’t lose track of your ambitions.  It’s all too easy to forget your main aims once you’re on the daily treadmill of running your own business.  So, it’s a good idea to have things around you in your office or workplace that remind you of exactly what it is you’re working for.  If you’re striving for a better life for your family, keep photos of them nearby.  Or maybe there is someone you particularly admire – keep clippings of their success to help motivate you towards achieving your own goal.
One important key to success is acknowledging that failure doesn’t necessarily mean the end.  If you set a target and fail to reach it, learn  from your mistakes and don’t give up.  Stay positive and keep reaching for your ultimate goal.

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