5 More Tips for Getting Traffic Using SEO (Part 2)

Here are another 5 SEO Tips for you to start applying today! This is part 2 of a post I made a couple of weeks ago…..sorry for the delay in writing this follow up post!

  1. Always add new content- are you constantly updating and adding new content to your website? Well you need to be to ensure SEO success! This cannot be stressed enough. Content is what will make or break your site so make sure your content is entertaining, up to date and informative.
  2. Be Bold– make use of Bold HTML tags and other HTML tags to make your website stand out. Bold is beautiful.
  3.  Use Alt Imaging- a picture is worth a thousand words, especially on the net. Putting alt attributes on your images can allow you to place relevant text around your image, better for search engine indexing. Keep in mind that images are searched just as much as content is.
  4. Include a site map- a site map is a great way to navigate through your site and can also be submitted to Google with XML site map. Site maps help search engine robots find every page on your website in just two clicks. What this means is better search engine results for all your web pages. Make sure you link all pages properly for the best SEO results.
  5. Follow the rules- SEO has a set of particular rules. You need to understand the legality of SEO so you don’t get banned from search engines. So how do you do this? You research. You study. You learn. Take some time and go through the basics of SEO on the main search engines. Understanding the do’s and don’ts of SEO is critical when it comes to generating traffic. After all, your SEO strategy can either make, or break your website.

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