5 Steps to Unlocking your Potential

You are capable of doing amazing things, of achieving all of your hopes, dreams and goals

and living the life you want to live.  You were born with this ability.  So what happened? 

Life happened.  Along the way, you picked up a few limiting beliefs, behaviors and some

negative thoughts.  It happens to everyone.  The good news is there’s something you can do

about it.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to begin to unlock your potential.

Step One. Recognize negative thoughts.  We all have negative thoughts.  We think things

like, “I’m bad with money or I’m just no good at _____” all the time.  We do it

automatically, without thinking.  So the first step is to begin to filter these negative

thoughts.  Start to recognize them.  When you do recognize them, change them to be positive

thoughts.  For example, “I’m good with money or I am good at ________” 

If that feels too forced then consider letting the negative thoughts go.  For example, you

can say to yourself, “I have had some trouble with money in the past but I’m looking forward

now and am good with money now.”

This strategy enables you to let go of your past mistakes, and believe me everyone has made

mistakes, and to positively focus on the future and what you’re capable of.

Step Two.  Assess your strengths.  Have you ever noticed that if you receive 10 compliments

in one day and one criticism, you focus on the criticism?  It’s our nature to focus on the

negative and the areas where we’re not so strong.  However, focusing on our strengths is

much more productive and quite honestly your strengths are where you’re going to achieve

your success.  So let those weaknesses go, ignore the criticism, and be proud of who you


Step Three.  Be grateful.  You may have heard this one too many times however gratitude

really is a tremendous success tool.  When you’re grateful for what you have and for the

mistakes and lessons you learn, then you’re 100 times more powerful.  Gratitude not only

helps you take a positive approach to almost everything you do, it affects how people

respond to you.  They’ll be significantly more likely to help you, to want to work with you,

or to buy from you if you radiate a positive and grateful glow.

Step Four.  Visualize what you want.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and to

visualize success right down to the nitty gritty details.  Visualization is a powerful

process used by the most successful business owners in the world, by athletes, and by

spiritual leaders everywhere.  Visualization helps your mind and body perform as if you’ve

already succeeded.

Step Five.  Let go.  Let go of limiting beliefs, or the idea that you can’t do something,

that success isn’t possible or that you’re just not cut out for it.  When a limiting belief

comes up, for example, the rich get richer, is a limiting belief if you’re not already what

you would consider rich, right?  Explore why you have that belief and if you really believe

it to be true.  If you don’t, let it go, it’s holding you back from achieving the success

you desire.

When you’re able to clear away negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and embrace your

strengths and your ability to visualize and accomplish your goals, nothing can stop you. 

You really are capable of achieving anything you set your heart and mind to.

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