7 Steps to Starting A Home Business

Starting a home based business can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at once.  If you’re considering entering the home business “arena” the following Steps will help you on your journey….

Step #1  It is important to make sure you have a home business personality.  Are you organized, self motivating, and able to work by yourself for long periods of time?  Great! It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you will be able to enjoy the independence of working from the comfort of your own home but it can be extremely difficult to mix new business activities with your daily household chores.It can also be pretty lonely if you have previously come from a corporate background working in an office with fellow employees – that leads me on to the next step…..

Step #2  Operate your business as if you were in the office.  It’s tempting to work when you feel like it, to stay in your pajamas all day and to not hold yourself as accountable as if you were in the office with a boss peering over your shoulder.  Yes, the freedoms of owning your own business are great however you’ll be more productive, professional and profitable if you keep regular business hours, you can set these hours to fit your needs of course.  If you get dressed and brush your teeth in the morning you’ll just feel better and more productive and if you treat your business and your customers as you’d like to be treated.  It’s important to have a designated work space in your home, a home office, where you’re able to close the door and focus on business without interruptions.

Step #3  Decide what type of business suits your needs and personality.  There are a large number of home based businesses you can open up, everything from a transcriptionist to a massage therapist, from a ghostwriter to an eBay store owner.  Spend a considerable amount of time learning about the types of businesses which are available and what fits your needs, interests, and personality.  Ideally your home based business will be something you can profit from for years and years so you want to make sure you’ll enjoy it.

Step #4  Plan, plan, and plan.  A business plan isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity.  You’ll want to outline your goals, your reason for being in business, your budget and start up finances, your assets, your strengths and weaknesses, your competition and your marketing strategy. Please do not miss this step out – it is vital if your home business is to work. Nowadays you can find relatively cheap resources online that can help you prepare a business plan which will proove invaluable in the long run.

Step #5  Learn about the technology and resources available to you.  The internet and related technologies have made owning a home based business accessible by most everyone.  Email makes it easy to communicate with customers all over the world, shopping cart software makes it easy to accept payments even while you’re away and website technology helps you create a community of people interested in you and your business.

Step #6  Know your role. When you own your own business, especially in the beginning, it’s easy to try to be everything.  You’ll be your own accountant, your own lawyer, your own fulfillment center your own sales and marketing team – you’ll wear all the hats.  However this isn’t the best way to be productive and profitable.  Outsource what you can and focus on your strengths and the tasks which bring in the most profits.  Above all, remember that you are the CEO and it is your job to be the person who builds and grows your business.

Step #7  Remember to maintain a balanced life.  Make time for fun and to look after yourself care.  It’s all too easy to let your business consume your life 24/7.  Burnout occurs and you start losing interest in your business.  Profits suffer and so do your loyal customers.  Take time to celebrate life, your successes and your friends and family.  Balance is essential for a successful home based business. After all, isn’t that one of the main reasons for deciding to start a home business?

Just keep these seven steps in mind before you start a business and you will see how you are off the ground in no time and before you know it you’ll be running a profitable business which is 100% yours! No bosses to answer to and the satisfaction of knowing that you are in control of your business and ultimately your success!

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