5 Tips on How to Use Visuals to Market Your Business and Your Products

We tend to be very visual people and often make purchasing decisions based on an image alone.  Our vision is our primary sense and we tend to rely on it to make quick assumptions about people and products.  This means image can play a strong role in both the branding of your business as well as your profitability.  Here are 5 tips on how to use great visuals to market your business and your products.

Tip #1  Keep it simple.  Think about the Nike swish or the Golden Arches. Those two visuals represent huge conglomerations and yet they evoke a personal experience, emotion, or thought.  Logos do not have to be complicated to be effective and too much going on will detract from the effect and power of your visual.

Tip #2  Place your logo consistently and continuously. Use your logo in all of your marketing materials from advertisements to emails it’s how people will begin to associate and identify with you.

However not all images are logos.  If you’re selling products then it pays to display those products in photos.  You aren’t likely to buy a product without seeing it and your prospects aren’t either.  However, simply placing a photo of your products on your website or in your catalog may not inspire a purchase and you have to be very careful with the quality as you can end up doing more harm than good. 

Tip #3  When displaying products, make sure they’re prominent in your photo and use good lighting.  That means there are no other items in the picture distracting the eye and no shadows obscuring the image.  If you’re selling clothing, sometimes it helps to have it worn by a model so people can see how the item fits a real person rather than a two dimensional photo.  An attractive model also taps into your customers desire to also be attractive and can actually influence a purchase.- Note- If you are a keen and experienced photographer then by all means take the pictures yourself, if not, please use a professional – it may cost more at the beginning but believe me, you will actually be saving yourself a fortune. These images are your shop front and it is important that they are of the highest quality.

Tip #4  Show people enjoying your products.  Hot tubs are a great example of this strategy.  Instead of showing an empty hot tub, show it with an attractive couple holding hands or show it full of smiling people – depending on your market. The holiday or vacation market is also a good example of this – seeing people lying on a beautiful beach makes you imagine yourself on that beach and helps create desire.

Tip #5  Show people using your products.  Yes, a great set of colorful kitchen bowls may sell quite well with a photo of them sitting on a black marble table however what if someone is using those bowls or serving dip to a friend at a cocktail party or mixing a cake with a cute child?  Your audience and prospects are an important part of your graphics and your decisions and should represent their hopes, dreams and desires.

Images can tell a story, they can highlight the benefits and features of a product without saying a word.  They can brand a company, evoke emotions and inspire purchases.  Take the time to create a strategy with your visuals, logos, catalog images and website graphics, and reap the rewards.

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