Learning the Twitter Lingo

Twitter is the newest social networking tool that everyone is using. It is so popular that it has developed its own language and everything. If you want to use Twitter learn a few of the terms so that you don’t look silly your first time out.

It is just like instant messaging or text messaging. You feel like you’ve stepped into an alternate universe because everyone looks human but they are speaking some sort of gibberish. Well, it is not really gibberish but the Twitter language. You’ll think you are developing a lisp but that’s okay – everyone who uses it has one.

What are the Basics?

To get you started, here are some basic things to know. The site is called Twitter. Some interchange Twitter and Tweeter and that’s a faux pas. A tweeter is something that works with woofers in your car speakers. Now, you can use “tweeter” to refer to someone who uses Twitter if you want to.

The messages that you send are called Tweets. Don’t confuse it with chirps. A bird chirps and even though a bird is the logo, the messages that you chirp out are known as tweets. Each message is 140 characters or shorter.

A person that uses Twitter is a Twitterer. You can say a Twitter user but twitterer is more accepted. Twittering (or tweeting) is the act of sending and receiving tweets and using various aspects of the service.

On Facebook you have friends, but on Twitter you have followers. Yea, it sounds like you are recruiting for a cult, but it distinguishes Twitter from the other social networking media out there these days. You can be followed or have people that you follow.

There are several tools or applications that can be used with Twitter service. All of these will either begin with “Tw”, hence the lisp. For example you have TweetDeck, Twhirl, Twitterfeed, Twitterrati and so on and so on.

Texting, Anyone?

Twitter does use some of the same lingo as text messaging or chat room users. With 140 characters, space is precious. Instead of typing “see you later,” change it to “CUL8R.” so, not only do you need to be familiar with Twitter lingo but text messaging terms help as well.

Follow Suit

Remember the lisp? Many Twitter terms are recycled terms with a Tw- prefix. For instance, “twalking” is someone who twitters (by text) while they are walking. “Twaffic” is twitter traffic. You get the idea.

For a more comprehensive list of Twitter lingo go to http://twittonary.com for more. This Twitter dictionary includes text messaging abbreviations, Twitter lingo and names for Twitter tools. Keep this handy and you’ll always look like a hip Twitterer.

Check out this Free Twitter Report for a more in-depth look at how this new Social Media phenomenon works.

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