Thinking of Building a Website? Make it Easier by Using WordPress

Have you decided to start your own business and join the Internet world by creating your own web presence? If the answer is yes, in today’s volatile business world, a particlular word comes to mind: BUDGET. If you want to build a website, you have to think long and hard about what you are prepared to spend.

There is no doubt that in a down turned economy many businesses are getting serious about their budgets. Expenses that are not must-haves or that don’t have a really good return on investment (ROI) are quickly shuffled to the back of the pile and placed on a wish list. Unfortunately, many times this includes the IT department, or the marketing firm that is building your web presence. Let’s face it, the costs for maintenance and changes to your website quickly place an unwelcome burden on your company’s bottom line. Unless you are using the WordPress platform that is!

WordPress crosses the barrier of labor intensive and costly changes, upgrades, or site implementation. WordPress is a user-friendly, non-techie platform that enables the new business owner or site developer to download and install a website and have it fully operational within a matter of hours.

If you want to test drive your site first, you can do that too by creating your site through WordPress. Once you decide this is the right decision for you and you want to establish your own domain, you will need to find a service provider and register your site. Most providers offer one-click installation of WordPress into their control panel, and transferring data, images, and text from the test site to the new domain is seamless.

Besides being friendly to the budget, WordPress offers many additional free opportunities to grow your business. With nearly limitless plugins available and the list growing daily, you can customize your site to include classifieds, blogs, job posts, product sales, contact forms, instant chat capabilities, and RSS feeds. Further you can incorporate tools to analyze your site and capture important data including number of hits, site popularity and more. The possibilities for what a site designed with WordPress is capable of are endless.

Once your site is operational, you will want to consider gaining customer loyalty as well as return visits to your site. This is similar to operating an actual storefront, whereas you want your customers to return to you, and return to you often.

One of the best ways to gain customer loyalty is to make your web presence easily identifiable. When a customer visits your site, you want them to know that it is you and what you have to offer immediately. WordPress has many free or premium themes available to use, all of which are customizable, making it easy to incorporate your business logo, brand and personality into your site. Consider uploading your logo, having pictures of products and offering a newsletter. Offer your customers free and valuable information or samples and encourage them to purchase additional items such as full products of your own, affiliate products, etc.

Building your website is an important aspect of your business strategy. It is vitaly important that you make your site user-friendly, personable, informative, and professional; WordPress will allow you to achieve all of this. So what are you waiting for? Go and set up a WordPress site and watch your business grow – without your bank account suffering!

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