7 Key Stages You Must Consider Before Holding an Effective Meeting

Effective MeetingsWouldn’t it be great if all the meetings you attended were well planned, kept to the allocated time and produced positive and quantifiable results?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, you probably experience your fair share of meetings during the course of a working week; however, many of these meetings will end up being a complete waste of time – and you know what they say: Time is money!

Let’s at least help you ensure that the meetings you organise and run with your teams are as productive as possible.

So what’s the definition of a meeting? For the sake of this blog post, we will use the following definition:

“A meeting can be defined as a gathering of three or more people sharing common objectives, where communication is the primary means of achieving those objectives”. [Read more…]

How to Prepare a Killer Sales Presentation: 4 Crucial Steps

sales presentationsAs a small business owner or entrepreneur, you will have had to make a few sales presentations during your business life! Are you guilty of spending little or no time preparing for these crucial sales presentations? You’re busy schedule probably doesn’t allow you the time you need for adequate preparation; well, hopefully this article will help you by providing a useful framework with 4 key steps to prepare for a killer sales presentation. Whether you are presenting to a large audience at a conference or to a small group of executives in your prospects offices, these 4 tips will help you deliver a better sales presentation which will hopefully lead to more business.

  1. Be Prepared for your Sales Presentation

  • Appearance is important; you need to create the right impression for your prospects, so make sure you are dressed adequately and look the part. [Read more…]