Instagram for Business: 30 Simple Tips & Tricks For Quick Success

Instagram for BusinessSo you’ve decided to embark on the exciting journey of using Instagram for your business – and, ultimately, drive traffic to your website – but need a little help in figuring things out…

Well, this list of 30 simple and easy-to-implement tips is certainly going to help you on your way to Instagram success! Just work your way through each of the points and apply the ones which make most sense to you (or all of them, if you’re feeling adventurous). [Read more…]

How to Make an Explainer Video for Your Business Using a Simple Online Editor: Rawshorts

How to Create an Explainer VideoAre you looking for a quick, easy and low-cost way to create video for your small business?

Have you been considering adding explainer videos to your marketing arsenal but just didn’t know where to start?

If you haven’t given video too much thought, here’s a few statistics which might get you excited:

  • Experts believe that by 2017, video will take up 69% of consumer internet traffic
  • 69% of marketing, sales and business professionals have used video marketing and another 31% are planning to
  • Sites that include video have, on average, an extra two-minute dwell time compared to sites that don’t

(Source: [Read more…]

A Beginners Guide to Online Marketing [Infographic]

Are you feeling overwhelmed by this whole ‘Online Marketing’ thing?

There is no doubt that for a small business to survive in the ultra competitive marketplace, you have to get up to speed with the most important aspects of Online Marketing  and try and work out how you can apply these strategies to explode your businesses growth.

Trouble is, where do you start? There’s just so much information and so many different areas you need to know about… Social media, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, lead generation, conversion and lots more!

A while back I came across an awesome Infographic created by the guys at Unbounce. This fantastic resource breaks down (in a timeline) the impact of relevant online marketing techniques and strategies over time and shows how they are all tied together by one important and indispensable feature: The landing page. [Read more…]

Using Article Marketing to Increase Your Website Traffic: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

article marketingWhat is Article Marketing?

Good question. In its most basic form – and the one we are going to be discussing in this post – Article Marketing consists in writing an article related to your business or specific niche market and then submitting it to – one of the many – article directories available for this purpose.

That’s a very simplified version but, to tell you the truth, it’s all you need to know at this point.

How can Article Marketing help you gain more traffic? 

  • Article Directories get a lot of traffic from people searching for specific information; this information is archived under specific categories, for example: Sports, Business, Health & Fitness.
  • Article directories like tend to rank well in Google (They used to rank better before Google’s Panda update, but that’s the topic of another blog post) and other search engines. If you choose your keywords well, your article could get some good visibility and generate traffic due to its high ranking. [Read more…]

Small Business Needs to Embrace Technology in Order To Thrive in Today’s Market Place

Small Business TechnologyThere is no doubt that the Internet has revolutionised our lives, both on a personal level and in the way we do business. Businesses, small and large, have tapped the power of the web in order to have access to more customers; the benefit is twofold: more customers and the tools to offer them a more personalised and tailored service. All of this is great news for those tech savy entrepreneurs out there who have mastered all the latest technologies, but what about those who are clueless when it comes to a computer? Well, they are going to have to get learning! New technologies will be the diffentiating factor and small business owners and entrepreneurs that have yet to familiarise themselves with these technologies really need to get their skates on if they dont want to be left behind!

So how can modern technologies be used to help entrepreneurs and Small Businesses? Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

Offer a More Personalised Service and Make it Easy for Customers and Clients to Contact You

Some might argue that the beauty of the internet is that you have access to customers and can actually carry out transactions with them without ever having to see or even speak to them; whilst this is true, we musn’t forget that talking to customers and offering a more personalised level of service can be an important factor in winning new customers and, perhaps more importantly, keeping hold of exixting ones!

Technology has made it possible to have the convenience of an Internet business while still talking and being personal with your customers. Technologies like Skype or Messenger allow you to talk to your customers at the touch of the button; video conferencing software and services allow you to have business meetings or give a business talk; Forums or Message Boards allow customers to ask questions relating to your business. The great news is that you can get access much of this technology at affordable prices and in many cases, for free!

Advertising your business

There are all kinds of new and unique ways to advertise your business online. PPC Ads, online yellow pages, banners, are some of the more “well known” methods but there are more…..and many of them are free. You can submit press releases about new products and services, use Social networking sites like Facebook to reach new customers and potential business partners and you can also submit your websites or blogs to specialised directories making it easier for your target customers to find your business online.

If you are a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, you probably can’t afford to pay for an expensive TV commercial? The alternative? How about a small hand help video camera? Nowadays you can find mini pocket cameras with High Definition quality for as little as $150. You’ll find that they are easy to use and will allow you to produce videos and post them to You Tube or one of the many video distribution sites; you only have to invest a little time but the benefits can be substantial. Your videos can help you deliver your marketing message in a more personal way; customers like to put a face to the company they are dealing with. If you are really creative, you may just find your recently uploaded video going viral and allowing you access to whole new base of customers. An example: thousands of blenders have been sold simply because of the popularity of the “Will it Blend” video series – a simple but very clever idea which has given this company exposure that would have cost millions as a TV commercial!

Keeping customers up to date

Having a presence on the Internet will also allow a small business to keep their customers informed about their products and services. They can visit your blog, subscribe to your RSS feeds, or even sign up for your latest webinar or newsletter. With a little work to set these systems up, you can really offer customers a more personal and individual touch every time they log on.

The opportunities available are endless. As a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, you just have to keep your ear to the ground and invest a little time and effort in keeping up to date with new technologies and how you can apply them to your business. One of the aims of this blog is to provide you with a regular flow of information that you can easily use to keep at the forefront of your industry, so keep reading….. 😉

Image Credit: cheetah100

Link Building for Beginners – 10 tips to get You Started and Increase Traffic to Your Website

By now you are probably aware of the fact that if you want to increase traffic to your Website, you need to find a way to get to the top of those search engine rankings. Businesses spend millions trying to get that coveted top spot on Google or Yahoo and the is no doubt that being there is vital for your website and your website and – at least the online part – of your business, to succeed.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is big business and there are some very clever guys and gals out there making big money helping businesses get to the top of the search engines. SEO is a complex subject and we are not going to dive in at the deep end just now; however, we do want to look at a very important aspect of search engine optimization: Link-Building. [Read more…]

Achieve Business Growth through Blogging – Follow these 5 Easy Steps

Every business owner or Entrepreneur strives to achieve success of their business venture and achieve growth; a great way to boost this growth is through blogging. Why? Because it can help make your business more credible, increases brand awareness and allows for authenticity and a sense of community; your prospects and customers are craving for something different and a blog will allow you to give it to them! [Read more…]

What are Backlinks and Why are They So Important in Getting Traffic to My Website?

The first thing you need to know is that backlinks are a very good thing as far as getting noticed on the Internet goes. Its probably best to start with the basics and try to understand What we are talking about when we refer to a backlink. Keep reading and you’ll find out all about them and how they can be useful to you. [Read more…]

How to Use RSS Feeds to Help Jump Start your Small Business – 3 Useful Tips

First of all, we should briefly explain what an RSS Feed is. Also known as really simple syndication, and RSS Feed is a way to keep up with commonly updated websites like blogs and news sites. So, instead of having to check many different websites several times a day, you can check RSS feeds at your leisure and get only the information and updates you’re looking for. The best part is, so can your customers.  [Read more…]

Why are Keywords so Important for the Success of Your Website?

The correct choice of keywords is one of the most significant factors in the success of e-commerce.  In an ideal world you will use keywords that have high demand and low supply but the majority of us are unaware of how to find these little gems.  Most people are conscious of their importance but unsure of why or how to incorporate them successfully. [Read more…]