How to Backup Your Business’s Facebook Page

Facebook Page BackupImagine this scenario: You’ve spent months building up a substantial fan base on your business’s Facebook page, engagement levels are high, you’ve got lots of great content, photos and videos, and your page is sending lots of traffic to your website. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Now imagine that over night, you lose all the information on your Facebook page – an absolute disaster!

Because it’s the mighty Facebook, we tend to forget that we can lose the valuable information we’ve worked so hard on. A hacker, a user error, viruses, data corruption or sabotage are just some of the possible causes which can lead to a total loss of the information on your Facebook page. [Read more…]

Youtube Marketing: 8 Easy Ways to Optimise Your Videos and Increase Traffic to Your Website

Youtube Marketing

Are you using Youtube Marketing to try and get traffic – and potential customers – to your website? Are the videos you’ve uploaded to your Youtube channel struggling to get viewers and therefore failing to send visitors to your website? You’re definitely not alone… stick around and I’ll give you a few (9 to be precise) ideas on how to optimise your Youtube videos to get more views and to help you get more traffic to your website.

With more than 3 billion daily views, Youtube has become the world’s second largest search engine (no points for guessing which is the first 😉 ) and an opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to increase visits to their websites. [Read more…]

Printing Web Pages Just Got Easier With This New Free Tool

Print Web Pages EasilyYou’ve probably experienced it before; that sense of complete frustration when you try and print off a page from a website and you end up wasting various pieces of paper, not to mention the ink involved. It’s certainly happened to me and I am sick to death of killing off all those trees and spending a fortune on ink cartridges for my printer!

Well, I’ve got good news. The other day I came across a very interesting tool that pretty much solves our printing problems. Apart from being extremely useful, this tool is also FREE, which is a welcome bonus! It’s a web based tool called “Print What You Like” and it makes printing web pages easy, cheaper and ecofriendly.

It’s really simple to use. You just go to the Print What You Like Website and enter the URL of the web page you want to print; this will open a control panel on the left side of your browser, which is where you choose the specific options you want for printing the page. Rather than confuse you by trying to explain the process, the best thing for you to do is head over to their website and either watch the video on the home page or click on the “Try the Demo” button for a complete run through of how the tool works.

Once you’ve mastered the tool, you even have the option to download their bookmarklet which adds the PrintWhatYouLike editor to your browser for easy access. I’ve done this and it makes it fantastically simple to print out exactly what I want from a web page; with less damage to the environment and a substantial saving in ink cartridges which my wallet appreciates!

Go on, give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose as it’s totally free!