Backblaze: A Cheap and Easy Online Backup Service to Keep Your PC Data Safe

Backblaze online backupHave you ever lost the valuable data and information stored on your PC?

What would happen if your hard-drive crashed, you accidentally spilt coffee on your Pc or your laptop was stolen from your car?

I don’t know about you, but in my case, it would be a complete DISASTER!

So how can you eliminate this risk, or at least substantially minimize it? By backing up all your data. I’ve looked into this before and even backed up a lot of the files on my laptop to a, rather large, flash drive; however, this is neither practical, or efficient.

I think I may have found a cool solution: A cheap and easy to use online backup service called Backblaze.

The tagline on their website says it’s “Online Backup Made Easy” and I couldn’t agree more! [Read more…]