7 Simple Ways to Retain Your Best Employees and Continue Providing Excellent Service to Your Customers

7 Simple Ways to Retain Employees

Why should you worry about employee retention? Does it really make a difference to the customer service you provide to your clients and customers? The short answer to that last question is YES!

Companies that retain their best employees – and are known for their exceptional customer service – will find that they also retain their customers as well. Why? Because your customers want the value and reliability they’re used to getting from you and your team. They do not want to have to deal with new employees they are unfamiliar with. All trust you’ve worked so hard to build up with them would need to be earned again!

Perhaps the most important reason is that replacing employees is going to cost you a hell of a lot more than some simple training to get your new recruits up to speed. Think of all the knowledge the ‘outgoing’ employee is taking with them and the time, effort and monetary investment it’s going to cost you to replace that know how. [Read more…]

26 Reasons your Small Business Needs to use Social Media

Social Media

Are you still trying to determine the value of Social Media for your small business?

Have you jumped on the bandwagon and set up profiles on some of the more popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) but are not really sure of why and, more importantly, don’t have a clue of what you are doing?

It’s tough for small businesses to find the time needed to establish a proper presence on social networks and often one wonders whether it’s really worth it.

A while back I came across a great infographic which clearly outlined the reasons a small business needs to be using Social Media for growth. The guys at Trecebits.com (a great Spanish Blog about Social Media and Journalism 2.0) did such a great job that I thought I’d use some of their arguments as the basis for this blog post – that and the fact that the infographic is in Spanish so many of you probably wouldn’t understand it anyway 😉 [Read more…]

I’m Taking My Business Elsewhere!

Customer ServiceI’ve just got back from a rather disappointing shopping trip. My task today was to find a new adaptor for my laptop – should have been simple enough – however, another less than satisfactory Customer Service Experience left me realising how easy it is for a business to lose a customer.

Let me explain: I live in Spain – a country which is not known for excelling in Customer Care! – I decided to go to a well know store which specialises in electrical appliances; usually good value for money and OK service. I went straight to the computer department and decided to ask a young guy – who I thought was an attendant – where I could find the adaptors.  It turns out that he actually worked in the warehouse and was just replacing some items. Now, he could easily have told me that he couldn’t help me and that I should find a customer service representative; however, I was pleasantly surprised when he proceeded to escort me and find someone who could help me. [Read more…]

Small Business Owners Will Lead the Recovery

Why will the “little guys” lead the way? It’s just that they
always have and they probably always will. After all, small
business owners are the biggest job creators, [Read more…]