4 Tips and Strategies to Avoid Wasting Time Online

time-management-softwareWhether you’re starting your own business, working at an established company, or just trying to get things done around the house, there’s a good chance there’s one thing intent on keeping you from getting things done: the Internet.  It’s especially difficult if your work requires you to be at the computer, hovering over your temptation.  They key to getting things done is to not stop fighting.  Here are some tips for keeping yourself on track.
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10 Tips & Tricks to Help you Manage Your Time and be more Efficient

It seems that everything in life is reduced to Time – or a lack of it! Do you always feel like you are under pressure to get things done? Time is that precious resource that you can never get enough of. Because Time is so valuable, you have to find ways to manage it effectively and make the most of the 24 hours we are “allocated” daily. [Read more…]