Using Article Marketing to Increase Your Website Traffic: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

article marketingWhat is Article Marketing?

Good question. In its most basic form – and the one we are going to be discussing in this post – Article Marketing consists in writing an article related to your business or specific niche market and then submitting it to – one of the many – article directories available for this purpose.

That’s a very simplified version but, to tell you the truth, it’s all you need to know at this point.

How can Article Marketing help you gain more traffic? 

  • Article Directories get a lot of traffic from people searching for specific information; this information is archived under specific categories, for example: Sports, Business, Health & Fitness.
  • Article directories like tend to rank well in Google (They used to rank better before Google’s Panda update, but that’s the topic of another blog post) and other search engines. If you choose your keywords well, your article could get some good visibility and generate traffic due to its high ranking. [Read more…]