4 Ways to improve Motivation and Productivity in your Team

It has been said that employees that are appreciated work better.  Employees that are rewarded in the form of appreciation from their superiors are usually going to be more motivated to do their best on their job. Therefore, companies that motivate their staff are always going to be more productive.

Motivation can spur us on to do a number of things.  Kids are motivated by the big man in the red suit to be good all year in anticipation of his Christmas Eve visit.  Teens are motivated to do well in the driver’s education class by the possibility of getting to drive a car.  Many are motivated to get a job by the fact that they get a paycheck.

On the job, lack of motivation can lower the productivity of your employees.  Issues with co-workers, morale, or working conditions can outweigh the need to get a job done in the most efficient way or timeframe.  How can you change this scenario if it exists within your company?

One idea is to offer incentives.  Ok, don’t panic, offering incentives doesn’t always mean that you have to part with money.  You might have to spend a little cash, but what you offer to your employees to show your appreciation could be worth more than a little extra in their paycheck.

Incentive #1 – Institute a company fitness program.  It doesn’t cost much.  The American Heart Association has a program called Start! At Work that is geared towards getting employees off their chairs and onto their feet.  Getting out in the fresh air does a lot to change a mood.  Don’t count their walking time as a break or their lunch.  Offer a walk break separate from that in the name of good health. 

Incentive #2 – Offer employee recognition.  If an employee has been working at or above standard or going the extra mile with their work, let them and the entire office know.  A monthly recognition program goes a long way towards showing your employees that you appreciate all that they do. 

Incentive #3 – Hold monthly meetings.  Meetings are for more than talking about the status of projects in the office.  Set aside time for employees to openly talk about concerns that they have.  You may have to set rules for these meetings such as confidentiality of everything said.  If you have several departments in your company, the meetings can be a departmental exercise to keep it small and private.

Incentive #4 – Be flexible with employees.  We all have issues that come up at one time or another.  For example, if an employee needs to come in an hour later due to a childcare issue, instead of reprimanding them for it, offer another schedule that they can work with.  You might find that these conditions allow for more to get done during the day when some are in the office early and some later in the day.

It is the little things that mean so much.  Employees that feel their work is commended and their efforts appreciated will go above and beyond to get the work done for their employer.
Go on, give it a try…you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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