7 Key Stages You Must Consider Before Holding an Effective Meeting

Effective MeetingsWouldn’t it be great if all the meetings you attended were well planned, kept to the allocated time and produced positive and quantifiable results?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, you probably experience your fair share of meetings during the course of a working week; however, many of these meetings will end up being a complete waste of time – and you know what they say: Time is money!

Let’s at least help you ensure that the meetings you organise and run with your teams are as productive as possible.

So what’s the definition of a meeting? For the sake of this blog post, we will use the following definition:

“A meeting can be defined as a gathering of three or more people sharing common objectives, where communication is the primary means of achieving those objectives”. [Read more…]

A Quick Guide to More Effective Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of the workplace.  They are where ideas are generated, goals are set, expectations are covered, and a whole host of other things are accomplished.  But meetings can also waste a whole lot of time and leave people more confused than before the meeting started.  The answer to this problem is to streamline your meetings to ensure they are useful and productive. [Read more…]